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All-natural, CBD-infused chews to help with anxiety, stress, itching, or hip and joint pain.


Dogs can't talk... So we asked their owners:


Gordon my 12 year old Yorkie loves these treats. He eats a few everyday and recently I’ve noticed he is moving and running better. Would recommend these to anyone with an older dog.

Jason S

I really like how this product is made with crickets (don't know that I am ready to eat crickets myself yet, but my terrier loves them!). I recommend for those with pets that like to exercise their voice boxes (like mine...). I just wish they were a bit cheaper, but otherwise, love it!

Nicole D

My rescue dog freaks out at loud noises, strangers and even other dogs. The relax chews have calmed her down significantly. She no longer barks when we got a knock at the door and interacting with other dogs on walks is much easier. Plus she loves them!

Elizabeth A

My dog was having separation anxiety and would bark constantly during the day, all day long, when left alone at home. I tried the calming chews (which he loves) and now after a few minutes of barks he quiets down and rests in his dog bed. (I watch him on the pet cube.) what a difference these have made!

Kelly B

I've tried a lot of products for my older dog who has compromised mobility. After trying the Green Gruff Ease chews, I can see a real difference. Plus he really seemed to like them. Thanks!

Cynthia B

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